Sunday, September 12, 2010

Proudest Mum Ever!!!

Just had to share one of my proudest moments of being a Mum was watching my gorgeous little Zo Bo at the State Championships for Gymnastics.

Its hard to believe that she started Gym only 3 months prior.

I always knew it was something she should be doing and Zoe loves it too.

Doesn't like not getting a medal though! But she will learn. She won gold in my eyes though.
Isn't she just gorgeous!!


suzitee said...

You should be so proud Son...she looks gorgeous! Women's Gymnastics is so competitive...medals can be hard to come by :) Great motivation to keep trying hard though! Tell her a big congrats from us...State Champs is a BIG deal!

Rebecca Beattie said...

Congrats Zoe, and mum. Nice to see proud mums :) She is a star in all our eyes! xxx

Angie Delarie said...

she looks part about being a mum!
Watching your kids go through their achievements!